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Your Source for Open Utility Hauling Trailers in Upstate South Carolina

Whether you’re a homeowner who needs to clear debris from a backyard project or a contractor who hauls heavy equipment to a construction site, there can be times when you have to carry more than your normal vehicle can handle. If you ever find yourself in this situation, an open utility trailer could be just what you need, but where do you go to buy the right model? At Trail-Rite Sales, we’ve worked with residential and commercial customers in Walhalla since 2003, and we have the right products to help you complete any project.
When choosing between different utility trailers, it’s important to take your needs into account before making a purchase. With so many different designs on the market, there’s plenty of room for specialization, and we always keep a wide selection of products in stock for a diverse array of applications:
  • Landscaping equipment transportation and debris removal
  • Homeowner projects
  • Hauling of cars, motorcycles, ATVs and other vehicles
  • Mulch, gravel and other backyard supplies
  • Furniture moving
If you’re having trouble picking the appropriate model to meet your needs, feel free to call us for an informed recommendation and pricing details for various designs.

A Quality Way to Move Items

Wherever you live or work in Walhalla, turn to the professionals at Trail-Rite Sales whenever it’s time to buy quality utility trailers to make your project easier. Why waste time and fuel making multiple trips to your destination when you can haul all of the equipment and supplies you need for a productive day in one shot? To learn more about our company or get pricing and other information about our full selection of cleanup trailer products, call us today at 864-710-5646.